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Ann Arbor born singer-songwriter Anne Erlewine released her debut album “Over the Bones” in 2019 produced by Christian Bathgate and recorded at High Bias studios in Detroit. Aspiration for a mini tour that Spring, thwarted by the pandemic, took the form of a deep songwriting and home recording immersion that she has had the good fortune of working to bring to sonic cohesion with her band consisting of guitarist Sam Vail, bassist Ozzie Andrews, guitarist and lap steel player Alex Anest and drummer Jason Berthold.

Anne Erlewine is also a fine artist who works from her home studio in Ann Arbor, MI.  You are now able to view some of her current work by clicking the 'ART' tab.  Her recent work ranges floral bouquets to abstract color scapes on oak, birch or maple panel with acrylic ink and hand-mixed powdered pigments framed in sleek and meticulously aligned maple frames.  She is currently exploring plant dyes and batik painting as well as studying wheel throwing at a local pottery studio.  Anne is also a co-lead teacher at the Nature Learning Community where she works with kids teaching elemental creative skills - building experience to teach her own art classes in the near future.  Stay tuned for more artwork on her art page and a breakdown of what prints are possible for purchase. In the meantime, if you see anything you would like reproduced in archival ink, please reach out via email to:

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