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Anne Erlewine 


Moving through life, holding space for creativity by practicing it and teaching it, creates sustainable reserves that allow one to close the loop between inner design and the outer reflection that affirms it. In a world receding in resources, the preservation of this aspect of human experience is vital. 


My art is about keeping this aspect in me alive, encouraging others to do the same, and seeking to portray and preserve what inspires me, so that others may see it, feel it, and to  consider the path in their reflection of it. 

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Heart Mission

When an artist holds space for a budding artist to explore a world within, to attune to, connect with and bring forth the inner design of one’s expression - when an artist reflects in this world, where within one’s being creative freedom can be found - they are contributing to the continuation of a lineage of people who are actively engaged in the vital preservation of the arts. 


My grandmother was this artist for me. The depth with which she nurtured my creativity has unfolded to inform me throughout my life. When she died, I was fifteen and even at that time dedicated myself to holding space to protect these seeds and the conditions in which they can grow and thrive to provide a reflective canopy, by example, for others to see what is possible and explore their own expression. 

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