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Today is the first day that my debut album 'Over the Bones' is starting to show.

The water breaks. The world dilates. The aperture opens as I become hard wired to respond to caring for this vessel that came through this vessel, patiently nurtured through a canopy of dedication.

I have been drawing colorful lines of sand in intricate patterns to supplicate this release, to let go, to transform, to offer this channel, to stand head held at the helm of the alchemical winds.

'Sacred Space' is the title track of my work/our work. We just released a video in reverence to it today.

You can find it here:

Five falls ago while driving through sapling shadows and sunlight cast across the winding roads back to Earthwork Farm for the Harvest Gathering, this song came to me after a healing session with Joan D'Argo. I traded her a painting for two sessions. I used to draw in the dark. With one hand on the wheel, both eyes on the road, and my right hand in cursive on a page on the passenger's seat, I wrote this song-light flickering through the veil-lines cast on the path to holding space for healing.

I return to the Earthwork Harvest Gathering this year on Saturday,September 21st at 9pm in the barn to perform my debut album release celebration concert with grams of vinyl under my wing, my heart on my sleeve and my love close to my chest ready to channel.

Be there with me.

I'll be there with you.

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